Alex Ozols

Alex Ozols, owner of Ozols Law Firm, is an award winning criminal defense attorney that has been featured on all major news channels including ABC, CBS, and NBC. By hiring Mr. Ozols, you can rest assured that you will have a fierce advocate on your side, attacking every part of the prosecution’s case against you.

As your criminal defense attorney he will do everything he can for your case, leaving no stone unturned so that you get the best possible outcome. He is well known in Southern California Federal and State courts and has good relationships with District Attorneys and City Attorneys throughout San Diego, Riverside and Orange County.

Most importantly, Mr. Ozols is always ready to fight for you. Some attorneys accept whatever plea deal is offered by the D.A. As your lawyer, Mr. Ozols is prepared to go to trial and will not accept any plea deal unless it’s favorable for you.

Recent Awards

Mr. Ozols was recently named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers list by the National Trial Lawyers Association. The National Trial Lawyers are an invite only association that chooses the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America. They go through a rigorous process including nominations by the current Top 100, and third party research on each individual.

Additional Awards

  • Top 40 under 40
  • Super Lawyers
  • Various National and International awards.

Experience You Can Trust

Mr. Ozols has dealt with cases from the smallest infraction to individuals facing life sentences. He has worked on highly publicized cases, all ending with positive results. These cases include DUI, drugs, rape, robbery, manslaughter, sex and theft crimes. He has also dealt with every type of scenario including deferred judgment, diversion programs, veteran’s court and behavioral health court.

When you call a law firm you will first go through multiple channels to talk to an attorney. You may talk to an intern, a secretary, an associate, or a salesperson. Are these people going to help you in an emergency? Is this who you want giving you legal advice? Call the number above and you will be routed directly to Alex Ozols, that is a promise. He will be the one that answers your call. He will be the one that is there for you in an emergency.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, call San Diego criminal defense attorney Alex Ozols today for a free consultation at 619-288-8357.

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