Stephenie Lape

Stephenie N. Lape

Stephenie is the quintessential attorney. She is gifted smart, extremely hardworking, and brutally honest. She also comes from a long line of attorneys and has an unmatched pedigree. Never receiving a grade lower than a ‘B’ in her academic career and once on track to become a math professor, Stephenie’s analytical approach helps her excel in criminal defense. Stephenie graduated magna cum laude in both her bachelor’s degree in history from Northern Kentucky University and her Juris Doctor at Salmon P. Chase College of Law. Stephenie obtained these high merits while holding a steady job all through college. Honesty, hard work, and integrity make up the foundation of Stephenie Lape’s moral code which was instilled in her at a young age by her family and especially her grandfather the late¬†Judge Raymond E. Lape. Stephenie also has three aunts who are practicing attorneys. In the court room she implements her relentless determination in litigation, and as a result receives a large number of not guilty verdicts and dismissals.

Ultimately it was Stephenie Lape’s regard for history, specifically the revolutionary period and birth of the Constitution that led her to criminal defense. “The liberties of our country . . . are worth defending against all hazards: and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.” –Samuel Adams. Stephenie looks to emulate the perseverance portrayed by our forefathers during the drafting of the Constitution as she upholds the principles set forth in the Bill of Rights, and defends her clients. With inspiration from figures like Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and her own family all fighting in defense of liberty, her path to criminal defense was ever clear.

The cases Stephenie handles run the full gamut from minor misdemeanors to felony charges carrying the potential of life in prison. Stephenie treats and litigates all cases with the same unwavering determination that she is famous for. Stephenie understands that while most attorneys go into trial with the attitude that their clients are innocent until proven guilty, the overwhelming truth is that with the stigma attached to many felony charges, especially sexually orientated offenses, she will have to prove her client’s innocence. Stephenie has proven time and time again that to get a positive outcome you must be willing to outwork the opposition. When Stephenie’s clients have been the victims of illegal searches, false accusations, and the bending of the rules by law enforcement, it was Stephenie who was the game changer. Her analytical drive and attention to detail in legal research and fact gathering play a paramount role in the dissecting of the loose arguments of unprepared prosecutors. Stephenie has been responsible for the return of not only her clients’ freedom, but also their property and cash, their reputations, and their rights.

For the rare moments when Stephenie is not working on a case and upholding the rights of her clients, she teaches law classes at a local college and spends time with her family. She is an avid reader and enjoys gardening and the outdoors. Stephenie’s attention to detail, passion for the Constitution, and unrivaled work ethic make her the obvious choice for anyone seeking a criminal defense attorney. Stephenie Lape is the quintessential attorney.

Areas of Practice
100% Criminal Defense

Litigation Percentage
100% of Practice Devoted to Litigation

Bar Admissions

Northern Kentucky University, Salmon P. Chase Colllege of Law, Highland Heights, Kentucky
J.D. (Magna Cum Laude)
Honors: Special Recognition for Voluntary Pro Bono

Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky
B.S. (Magna Cum Laude)
Honors: Dean’s List
Honors: N.K.U. Study Abroad Scholarships
Major: History

Professional Associations and Memberships
Ohio Bar Association, Member
American Bar Association, Member

Past Employment Positions
Legal Aid of the Bluegrass

Pro Bono Activities
Legal Aid of the Bluegrass Pro Se Divorce Clinics, Wills Clinics, and Hispanic Clinic
Immigration Appeal in conjuntion with Law Students and Local Attorneys

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