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The purpose of the National Academy of Jurisprudence (NAJ) is to promote through recognition the professionalism and excellence of those Trial Attorneys who have earned the designation as a Premier 100 trial attorney as found by the National Academy of Jurisprudence. A Premier 100 Trial Attorney has satisfied stringent criteria and standards as established by the NAJ*tm Board of Directors.

The National Academy of Jurisprudence is divided into two membership categories, the Premier 100 Criminal Trial Attorneys and the Premier 100 Civil Trial Attorneys. Membership in either category is only available to the Premier 100 criminal defense or Premier 100 civil attorneys in each state. In areas of the country with a higher concentration of attorneys or lower concentration the number of available Premier 100 Trial Attorney listings is severely limited. Peer to peer membership is encouraged for those previously extended an invitation to join the American Academy of Trial Attorneys as a Premier 100 attorney, we invite you to Nominate an Attorney. If you have already been nominated, you can complete the application here.

Prospective members are carefully screened before being invited to join. The criteria for membership may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • An individual attorney’s commitment to ethics and professionalism
  • Notable verdicts, achievements or settlements
  • Board Certified Specialization as designated by the State Bar or other leading organization
  • Nominations from the Board of Directors, industry leading trial attorneys, and existing Premier 100 Trial Attorney membership
  • Membership and executive positions held within state trial attorney organizations or other leading organizations
  • Any Current ratings or ranking profiles as identified by reputable and credible online or local evaluations

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