Those who have worked in a smaller law firm can understand what it’s like to have to fill many different roles other than your own at the office. When additional staff is added, they become a valuable part of your team, especially when you’re lucky enough to find those who fully grasp their position and excel at their duties. Your task then becomes learning how to capitalize from their performance while keeping them engaged and happy with their work.

How can you make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep your staff happy and motivated? Here are a few ideas:

Provide Development Opportunities

Reports show that employees these days value their ability to learn and grow within the company they work for more than ever. This is especially true with Millennials, who are often more concerned with the longevity of their position than anything else.

You can keep your staff engaged and motivated by offering opportunities to enhance their skills and learn more about the practice. You might try coming up with special projects or leadership training that gives your staff a chance to step up and become more knowledgeable. Not only are you helping to keep your staff focused on their future with your firm, but you are building a solid team that will continue to serve you well.

Look for Moments to Recognize

In many ways, recognition is like it’s own type of compensation. People generally have a desire to be recognized for their efforts. What’s more, compliments are addicting…once a staff member receives one, you can be sure they will be looking for more.

Keep an eye open for moments to compliment and recognize when a job has been done well. Your recognition doesn’t have to come in the form of a bonus or a gift. Even a short email or text message can do the trick. Of course it never hurts to show your recognition of a good job openly where the rest of the staff can hear it too. A compliment or other form of recognition in public can serve as a good reminder to other staff members.

Crystal Clear Communication

The relationship you have with your staff is just that – a relationship. As with any relationship you value, it’s crucial that you are clear with your communication. This includes a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of the position, opportunities for advancement and expectations for their long-term development within the firm. It’s safe to assume that any employee at any position appreciates when they are clearly communicated with, just as you would expect your clients to communicate with you. If you recognize that poor communication is hindering the work ethic and productivity of your law firm, be smart enough to address the issue and make appropriate changes.

The holiday season is a perfect time of the year to let your staff know how much you appreciate their hard work. Be sure you take advantage of the opportunity!

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