As an attorney, how you approach blogging can have a definite impact on your marketing efforts  and your ability to connect with the public. Blogging gives you an opportunity to expound on specific topics, provide insight into areas of the law you are involved in and educate both loyal and new clients.

But as anyone involved with maintaining a blog can attest to, it’s not always easy! It definitely takes some time and effort. No matter how organized you are or how many topics you want to write about, there will be those moments when you question if it’s even worth it.

The answer is yes, blogging is worth it and can be one of your most important digital marketing strategies. To be successful at blogging, there are a few ideas to consider that will help you stay on track and see the results you want.

  1. Be Consistent

Let’s start with probably the toughest part of blogging – staying consistent. Your blog helps to establish your expertise and knowledge of the law. When blogs are few and far between, it can give the viewer the wrong idea and send them searching for something else. Consistency doesn’t always mean frequently. Some law firms post new blogs every week, others once a month. The important thing is that you are consistently adding new articles to show your involvement and understanding of current events.

To help you stay consistent, you might consider creating a blog calendar where you can plan out in advance which topics will be covered, when the article will be posted and who will write the blog.

  1. Establish Yourself as an Expert

One of the advantages of blogging is that it allows you to dive deeper into a specific subject and show your potential clients just how much you know and understand the law. You may already have great website content that covers the basics, but a blog should be a little more specific and even personal. You might use it to share unique experiences that will give your reader more insight into how you will work for them. By sharing stories or commenting on a high-profile case in the news with your own perspective, you are giving your clients a better understanding of you or your law firm will approach a similar situation.

Some of the blogs you will write will contain evergreen content that will be useful for many years down the road. Other topics will need to be addressed more frequently as changes in the law happen or as you gain new experience.

  1. Social Media

Let’s face it, when you’re trying to keep up with social media for your law firm, it’s not always easy to know what to post or how often to post. A new blog is the perfect social media post. While your blog on its own may have some loyal followers, social media gives you the potential to reach thousands of readers. It’s a great way to drive social media traffic back to your website instead of someone else’s and it definitely helps to keep your social media followers more engaged.

One strategy we suggest is re-posting older blogs from time to time on your social media. Research shows that a re-posted blog can pick up quite a few new readers.

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