How confident are you in your website? Is it relaying the best information about you and your firm? Is it telling the right story?

Your website is, more than likely, your potential client’s first glimpse of who you are and what you offer. Within just a few minutes of browsing, your client is beginning to make judgments and decisions on whether or not you’re the right choice for them. Outside of a handshake and face-to-face meeting, your website can be one of your most valuable tools in bringing in new business.

Maintaining a relevant website that draws your audience in and makes a lasting impression should be the goal of every law firm. But it’s not always simple and often requires time and effort. Here are 5 suggestions for keeping your website up to speed in 2017:

Avoid Legal Jargon

It’s easy to get caught up in creating content for your website that speaks to other attorneys and those already in the legal field. Remember to keep the words you use simple, direct and to the point so that your clients get a clear idea of what it is you have to offer. They’d much rather know how soon they can expect a call from you than which judge you used to temp for.

Use Your Blog to Tell a Story

A blog is a great way to add new and specific content to your website. Unfortunately, it can also be the quickest way to bore your clients to death. Keep in mind that, even when they’re doing research, people always have an inner desire to be entertained. You can use stories and examples in your blog posts to create story lines that deliver the right information while keeping the reader engaged.

Remember the Smart Phone Audience

You might spend time designing or adding content to your website in front of your desktop, but remember that many people will see it for the first time on their smart phone or tablet. Attention-grabbing headlines and short, concise paragraphs are definitely more mobile friendly.

Personalize with Photos

Most people are used to seeing stock photography on websites these days. Surprise them with actual photos of you and your staff. This will give your website a nice personal touch and will make your clients feel more comfortable when they visit your office.

Make it Easy to Contact You

There’s nothing more frustrating than being ready to take the next step and then having to go digging for contact information. Attorney websites should always provide easy access to contact information no matter what page your future client is on. This includes phone numbers, emails, addresses and contact forms. The more simple it is to contact you, the more likely you will be contacted.

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