In many ways, a law firm is the perfect business to take advantage of all the benefits of social media. More than a business selling product or goods, those that offer professional services tend to be much more social organizations that rely heavily on their interactions with both potential and current clients. By utilizing even a few of the many social media channels available, law firms are able to develop strong relationships with existing contacts and create new opportunities.

If you’re not currently using social media at your law firm or feel that you could be doing a better job, we suggest the following three ideas.

Showcase Your Expertise

Most clients looking for legal representation are drawn to a firm that they feel they can trust. These feelings of trust are often tied to the level of confidence they have in that firm’s understanding and experience of the law. Social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn allow attorneys to showcase their expertise, inspiring confidence in their clients. More than a blog or even a TV commercial, social media gives an attorney an opportunity to get detailed on a specific topic. They can reference previous cases they’ve handled and talk about how they used their experience as an attorney to get the best possible results for their client.

Be Relatable

There’s no sense in arguing that there is plenty of distrust in the legal world. Your goal as a law firm is to show your clients that they can trust you because you can relate to them. Short and informal posts on Facebook or Twitter are a great way for your clients to get to know you better and feel like they know you. YouTube videos are another way to talk directly to your clients in a way that makes them feel that you have their best interests at heart. Using social media, you can reach clients at a much more personal level so they see you less and less as a heartless lawyer looking to take their money and more as a legal advocate who is ready to help them see a successful outcome to their case.

Create Advocates

We often think of social media marketing as a way to attract new clients and new opportunities. But we should never overlook the potential that lies with our already existing and loyal clientele.  Those we have already done business with can become our biggest cheerleaders and strongest advocates. It is this group of people who are referring their friends and family to your firm on a regular basis. Clients who have already worked with you in the past are much more likely to stay in touch with you via social media than they would be through a monthly newsletter. Keep this in mind as you strategize your social media efforts – provide your advocates with a social media presence they will be proud to be associated with.

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